Natural jewelry HojaPlata -
HojaPlata is an online store for unique jewelry. Real leaves and flowers from the nature, immortalized in gold, silver or resin. What ornaments are more beautiful than those which the Earth created? Give yourself or your family, this unique jewelry that never goes out of style.
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Quality pellets from AllPellet -
Аllpellet brings the best pellets directly from selected European and international manufacturers to its clients. Our commercial and technical experts visit the manufacturers and evaluate their production process. In this way we guarantee the best quality to our clients.
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ProKASRO - Leader on the German market -
The name of ProKASRO is synonymous with progressive sewer rehabilitation robotic systems. These systems, including inliner systems, enable the user to safeguard the entire underground supply whilst maintaining ecological, hygienic and technical standards.
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Stein's - cleaning products -
For those who love their tiles and stone surface and want to treat them with the best care. With more than 20 years of experience, Stein's offers a professional solution for cleaning tiles and stone flooring. Select the German quality.
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RideKite - Kitesurfing in Tarifa will help you find certified instructors at the best rates. Our mission is to help people learn to kiteboard in a safe, fun and result-oriented environment. Our services are free of charge!
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KREARO - Eco pellets for heating -
KREARO "Pellets is engaged in the production, marketing and distribution of woody biomass (Pellet) used as fuel in the production of renewable energy for residential, commercial and industrial heating applications. Krearo operating facilities are located in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria with production lines designed and engineered in Italy and adopting the latest automation and production technologies."
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Web portal for people with ideas and talents -
People of ideas is an online portal which finds creative and innovative minds. Web site offers to share ideas, pictures, photography, music, video, literature and other fields of expression. Join the growing community of peopleofideas, by sharing or just browse trough the work of people from all over the world.
Peopleofideas website by Mario Iliev
Architect - Viktor Petrov -
In addition to the professional services of Viktor Petrov in his website you will find a lot of useful information. All that you can know about your new project stages in the construction process, advice to investors, laws, regulations and much more. Visit the website of architect Viktor Petrov and take a look at his projects.
Personal Project - Portfolio -
This site is my previous portfolio. It is aimed primarily for creative expression in paintings. If you think it would suit your needs, the website is for sale and is ready to accept your name and works. Contact me and we will discuss how to adjust the page to your needs.
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Dental equipment Bourquin -
Bourquin is a company for quality equipment and materials for the dental industry. The company is headquartered in France, but makes deliveries in other countries, like Bulgaria. Explore the wide range of products by Bourquin!
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Food supplements "Dobavki i zdrave" -
Dobavki i Zdrave is an online store for your beauty, exercise and health. Competitive prices, quality and delivery throughout Bulgaria. If you also need a personal trainer and instructor, this site is for you.
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Want to be here? - - Message me: contacts.
Quality crafted web site and attractive vision go hand in hand with the success of your business. Online presence provides non-stop, year-round "office" of your business and the opportunity to freely and securely sell your products. If you are willing to take that step forward, please contact me.
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