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уеб дизайн web дизайн Как да засечем посещение от Мобилен телефон

Mobile devices are becoming literally personal computers in you pocket. So-called smartphones are increasingly circling in the web. But the price of the mobile Internet can not be compared with that from home, still traffic costs money. That's one of the reasons why it is good idea to create a lightweight and optimized version of your website. But how to detect visits from phones so to make the redirection? Let's see...

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HTML validation of social buttons

HTML validation of a website is extremely important ofr several reasons. On of which is synchronizing the visual look of the website in all web browsers. Besides that it's one step ahead in your SEO optimization. You can check if your site is validated on this adress W3C. Code of this kind <g:plusone size="medium"></g:plusone> will couse error in the HTML validation (if it's not HTML5). So here is how we can solve the problem.

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jQuery JavaScript css sprite animation

For this JavaScript animation we'll use jQuery library , sprite image and little css. Lesson include a demo page which can be downloaded in a zip file with the used image. I hope you'll like this lesson.

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How to fix 25+ bugs in Internet Explorer 6

The best strategy for dealing with Internet Explorer 6 is not to support it. Stop. Ok, I feel your frustration. You're a web developer and you're ready to tear your hair out because you have to support Internet Explorer 6, but, to put it tactfully, IE6 doesn't support you. You've spent hours on it, but you just can't seem to get your layout right. I can empathize. I can also help.

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