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Red Hot Chili Peppers Concert in Bulgaria - Pictures and Video

Concert of Red Hot Chili Peppers in Bulgaria 2012

Red Hot Chili Peppers in Bulgaria... finally  You should of seen what we saw on that concert  And if you have, you know what hell of a fun it was. Although I wasn't in a shooting mood, I've managed to capture some moments so I'll post them here. It's not much but as a fan I know that there are no useless pictures and videos for those kinds of events.



By the way... the biggest lost for the concert which I felt very well was John  I guess that I'm one of those people which are hardly getting used with the changes, because to this date I can't accept the absence of the genius John Frusciante. So to not critique the new guitar too much, I'll just say that the band now is not what it was for me for all that time. I'm very sad that they came to us at this moment (without John).

I'll move on because I got out of focus

Starting with some photos:

Aaand welcome!


Small part of the end of Otherside


Snow (Hey Oh) + intro


Flee eruption


Californication - The eternal classic with Flee and John in the beginning of this song ... where is it


We shouted for some period of time...


The classic


We can't stop

And so it happened that the concert was over :| Everything was more then awesome, I hope I can see them again.

02 September 2012г.
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