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Joomla useful PHP conditions to create your template

If you want to load a module, script, css file, text or image in a specific location in your website, here you'll find how to do it. With the help of php we can show specific content in a specific locations like: Article ID, Section ID, Category ID, Search page, Menu ID, Virtuemart pages etc.

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Joomla JavaScripts files in the bottom of the page

By visiting a web page, your web browser starts downloading all the files/elements in it. Usually that happens in the order in which they are enrolled. So putting the JavaScript files in the top - <head> of the page, can lead to delays in the visual loading of the site. Oftenly scripts are much larger in size than .css or graphics. So if the browser loads the .css files and graphics first, we'll have the effect of faster loading website. Here's how we do it in Joomla!

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